Jeff Bishop, Millionaire Trader and Founder of reveals…

The ONE COMPANY that is set to take advantage of the hidden scandal underneath COVID-19!

18 years ago, precedent was set, but wrongfully ignored.

In 2002, a virus similar to COVID-19 impacted the world.

SARS spread to 29 countries, but was soon forgotten, or should I say, swept under the rug, because transmission came to a halt and the threat subsided.

Or so we thought.

Flash forward to New Years Eve, 2019, Chinese officials had identified a new threat to the world, again a coronavirus.

This time, one that transmitted easily, swept over Wuhan like a crisp, fall breeze and left the city in peril.

Many originally thought this would blow over like previous diseases, but this was different.

Lack of preparation and a response to this serious threat left nations across the world weak, vulnerable, and unprepared to say the least.

A virus that others brushed off as a “flu-like” threat, now approaches over a million confirmed cases worldwide, with the number expected to be much larger as more tests continue to be distributed.

87% of countries have reported cases, and that number is expected to be 100% in due time.

In the midst of a global pandemic, we look for answers, and the source of this virus is why this one company is set to gain the most from this catastrophic event.

Let me introduce you to the wet market.

Many viruses that we come into contact with originate from animals.

Studies report that some of the viruses that cause the flu come from birds and pigs.

HIV originated in chimpanzees. Ebola likely originates from bats.

Even most stomach bugs are a form of food-born illness.

The coronavirus has been linked to the transmission from bats and pangolins.

The transmission of these diseases revolves around animals passing the disease from one to another and then to humans. A situation that is typically rare.

So, what does a wet market have to do with any of this?

It was the location that SARS originated from and COVID-19 the same.

In a wet market, like the one in Wuhan, where the virus stemmed from, animals are slaughtered and sold at the same location.

But it’s the sanitation that is the key factor to it all.

They are hardly regulated. Cages of different animals are stacked to the ceiling, each animal below getting soaked from different liquids from the animal above.

Feces, blood, urine. All dripping from one to another. A gruesome picture, indeed.

So, if we think about the path for transmission, it becomes an easy model to grasp.

These animals are now becoming infected by other animals near them at a rapid pace, and are then slaughtered and sold for human consumption.

And it’s not just any animals. Animals from all over the world are in these cages.

Bears, tigers, rhinos…yes, even endangered species.

Wildlife farming in China boomed as governmental law encouraged it by determining wildlife a “natural resource”.

Basically what this meant is that there were no restrictions whatsoever. People could farm any animal and sell them for human benefit.

But what we now know is that this so-called benefit turned into a detriment to global health.

And it’s that exact reason why this one company is now at the epicenter of the global pandemic and the fight for our lives.

However, it has nothing to do with the immediate cure of the disease.

This company isn’t developing a vaccine. They aren’t producing ventilators or shipping millions of masks and hand sanitizer worldwide.

A cure will come in time, and the world’s largest biotech and healthcare companies are doing all they can, but what happens down the road?

It’s not a question of how we prepare for another “attack” in the future.

It’s a question of how we PREVENT it from happening ever again, and this company is at the front of the line, ready to tackle this pandemic from its core.

This is…

The Biggest Food Revolution Of Our Lives

And it comes at the time that we need it the most.

The reason why the magnitude of this specific food revolution is unlike anything we’ve ever seen is actually quite simple to understand.

Previous food revolutions in history certainly solved a problem, but the problem was normally along the lines of these questions companies asked themselves.

“How do we make consumers’ lives easier?”

 “How can we make our products more convenient to them?”

“How can we lower the price of production to sell more?”

“There is a new fad surfacing…how can we profit off of it?”

No previous food revolution was the result of a dire need to save people’s lives.

And NEVER was it at the level of severity that we face today.

So, when we think back to the greatest food revolutions in history, keep that in mind.

The current state of the world desperately NEEDS this to happen.

Before, companies just told us that we needed it.

Dating back to the 1800s, Nicolas Appert, a french inventor, discovered that food cooked in air-tight jars wouldn’t spoil easily. Following the global depression of 1873, U.S. exports of canned foods exploded.

Companies were on a quest to preserve foods for a longer period of time.

When you walk down the soup aisle today, what company floods the shelves.

Campbell’s. Today more than 440 million cans of Campbell’s Soup are consumed each year.

The problem at hand…preservation.

It allowed for a longer shelf life. People didn’t have to worry about their recently-purchased products spoiling.

Early adopters of this technology boomed. Kraft Heinz was another one of the many. For them, their plastic bottles achieved the same thing.

Today, they sell over 650 million bottles of its Heinz Ketchup per year.

And the preservation of food became a long, drawn out issue that companies tackled for decades.

One, although not a direct food product, changed everything.

That product…refrigeration, with the first ever electrical refrigerator designed and sold by General Electric in 1927.

17 years later, 85% of Americans had a refrigerator in their home.

Still to this day, you’ll find new innovations of this. Refrigerators with temperature controls, WiFi connectivity, and even display screens to see what is in the fridge and to know which products have been sitting for awhile.

Each innovation now tackles a new, lackluster problem of making something just “that much better”…

But while innovation maintains business, nothing like the initial boom of refrigeration in the early 1920’s will ever happen again to that product.

And refrigeration wasn’t created by a means to save lives and prevent future, global pandemics.

That’s why…

This NEW Food Revolution Is In A League Of Its Own

As we speed up the timeline to the 1940’s, microwaves became the hot new thing.

Companies raced to the market as this “ultra-fast” cooking solution created convenience.

It made it easier for people to cook. It made it quicker.

It suggested that consumers should want to cook something faster and spend less time over the stove.

Some would say that this innovation actually created a problem that consumers didn’t even know that they had, and then solved it.

That’s good marketing, but by no means does it compare to what is happening now.

Because from the mid 1950’s to today, we saw this happen again and again and again.

Convenience, quickness, and low price foods flooded the markets.

Companies created products that could be cooked quickly.

They created products that were cheap.

They adhered to the laziness of human culture. What is easy must be good!


Even in the year 2000’s companies flourished based on this model.

Chipotle, the fast food, mexican restaurant has experienced a 1284% return since 2006.

McDonald’s, an 800% return this century.

Smuckers, a 1004% return.

McCormick & Company, known for their array of household spices, saw 1636% growth.

Add Hershey’s to the list at 1061% over that same time period and Mondelez with it’s wide assortment of products saw 494% growth.

The bottom line is that “Quick and easy” will never die, but that specific food revolution has passed.

We’re in a different time, and everything has lined up for ONE company to exceed the rest.

Consumer habits and interests across the world have changed drastically over the past decade, specifically the last few years.

A new wave of products have hit shelves and it’s all because of the changing behaviors of health-conscious consumers.

The Food Industry Is Under Attack

Well, not the entire huge industry, but one segment, arguably the largest, is in direct fire, and there’s nothing friendly about it.

That market is the MEAT INDUSTRY.

And right now, a TRIPLE THREAT is aligning right before our eyes and it’s time to take advantage of it.

This is something that we’ve never seen happening before.

A worldwide shift in consumer habits, an exponential demand for alternative solutions and sustainable products, and a global pandemic all colliding for the greatest seismic boom in the food industry that we have and will ever see.

And if you’re not a part of it… well, I fear for your portfolio.

Like I said, this ONE stock is about to be the benefit of those 3 factors.

First up…the worldwide shift in Consumer habits.

Specifically the need for FRESH products, snacks, you name it.

Products that are organic, non-gmo, and pesticide-free. Buzzwords for any health-conscious consumer.

Now, the shift came when people, specifically parents, started hearing about how products they thought were healthy actually weren’t.

As a parent, the number one thing we focus on is the health of our children.

Parents thought, “I feed my children a diet of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and health conscious snacks. I’m doing all the right things…”

Until they realized how the food was produced.

News headlines everywhere flooded the media. It was a problem that the food industry couldn’t ignore.

Toxins in fruits and vegetables. Weedkiller in crackers and breakfast cereal.

Cancer-causing foods full of plastic.

Recurring reports from the FDA confirming how bad it really is!

And then, the kick to the stomach…

Toxic chemicals linked to the development of children, and the link between toxins and reduced fertility.

Consumers were woken up by the sound of an alarm that directly impacted the health of themselves and their families.

This alarm couldn’t be snoozed. It triggered a global shift in consumer behavior.

Companies like WholeFoods entered the market and rose to stardom, as they focused their supermarket model on local, organic, and plant based alternatives.

The company capitalized on that shift, and consumers ate it up.

597% returns in the beginning of the past decade.

Other companies skyrocketed alongside them.

Ingredion, a company focusing on healthy snack alternatives, shot up 247% around the same time.

McCormick & Company, mentioned before, took direct aim at organic products and as the consumer shift happened before everyone’s eyes, the company saw 443% growth.

John B Sanfillipo & Sons dialed in on their healthy nut cultivation and have been on a tear over the last decade, with share prices moving from the $4 range to over $100!

2183% returns because they adapted to it all.

What we saw here was the initial factor that started to make people rethink their food purchases.

Second, we saw specific food markets come under fire, specifically the meat industry.

It was spawned by the shift in consumer habits and then emphasized by a need for sustainable products and the ability to purchase alternatives.

Of course, with the meat industry, people began to ask the same questions.

“Is the meat I’m feeding my children safe?”

“How are these animals being farmed?”

“Is the production process sanitary?”

Suddenly there became a growing demand for grass fed, farm raised, and free range meat.

People wanted to know how their meat was being prepared, if sanitation regulations were being followed and what production looked like.

As the broad consumer behavior shifted, consumers demanded more information and wanted to assure they were actually eating “healthy”…

But with this particular industry, it was more than that.

Now, personal opinions aside here, because I love myself a good steak, but from an investing standpoint, the data can’t be ignored.

We are in the middle of the biggest food revolution of our time, and…

ONE Company Is At The Epicenter Of It All

We have all these consumers demanding to know more about their food.

It’s smart. In an industry that is supposed to be heavily regulated, people were still grasping at straws to know exactly what they were putting in their body.

And then you add in a monumental factor at the core of it all…ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT.

The meat industry is far from environmentally friendly, and what makes matters worse is that the demand for meat is expected to jump from 60 billion animals in 2016 to 100 billion animals by 2050.

With that comes A LOT of issues in regards to greenhouse gas emissions and water scarcity.

These are two of the BIGGEST threats to the world population.

Governments and health organizations globally are placing a ton of effort on these and are in dire need to find a solution or rather, an alternative, to help alleviate the negative impact meat production is having on the world.

By the numbers, it’s astounding. It’s all the more reason this ONE company is set to benefit off this next BOOM in food revolution.

In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, beef wins.

Well I should actually say it loses by a landslide.

As an example, producing 100 grams of protein from peas emits just 0.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

To get the same amount of protein from beef, emissions would be nearly 90 times higher.

For a while, environmental impact only seemed to be heavily associated with automobiles.

That’s why we saw Tesla experience monumental growth with their electric engines.

But at a time when carbon footprint is of peak interest by global economies, and nations are doing anything they can to reduce emissions, the meat industry becomes another to blame, as it should.

And that’s why I believe we could be seeing ONE company rise up as the Tesla of the next food generation.

Unfortunately for the meat industry, it goes deeper than just greenhouse gasses.

As the Food and Agriculture Organization stated, “Livestock production is one of the major causes of the world’s most pressing environmental problems including global warming, land degradation, air and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity.”

The food industry, in general, consumes 70% of the world’s freshwater consumption due to production.

 And water and land availability, like greenhouse emissions, is of growing concern.

Already, 43 countries are experiencing severe water shortages, 650 million people currently don’t have access to safe drinking water and by 2030, half of the world population could be living in an area of water scarcity.

Is meat to blame? You tell me!

1847 gallons of water to make one pound of beef.

Think about that as you’re staring down the face of an 8oz filet. It took 924 gallons of water to produce that.

And like I said, I love steak! But this isn’t about me or you. This is about the global shift in consumer behavior and the desperate need to find sustainable alternatives.

This is about investing in companies that are adapting to the needs and wants of consumers and the entire world.

This is about profiting off of that adaption, and if you don’t invest now, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to take a bite out of these mouth watering returns.

Global Innovations Are Driving Innovations In The Food Sector

And love them or hate them, but millennials are leading the charge, and they are the most socially conscious age group in the world.

And they, and their families, will soon account for the majority of the population as myself and the other boomers fade off.

Not trying to be morbid. Just stating a fact here.

Their purchase behaviors are a direct resemblance to the growing popularity of sustainable living.

They are health-conscious consumers with social issues in mind. In fact, an astounding 70% have said they will be more likely to purchase from a brand that handles social issues well and addresses them head on.

Understand consumers and you can better understand the market, what trends are set to catch fire and which ones are going to last and GROW for the next 5, 10, 20 years and MORE

Which is why this ONE company is breaking new ground and is in prime position to capture a HUGE share of the alternative meat market.

The market has BOOMED in the past couple years.

 Young, environmentally-conscious consumers are flooding the market and are hungry to change the course for this planet, and their individual health and performance.

The industry, in itself, is projected to grow astronomically in the next couple of years, faster than anything out there today.

The alternative meat market is expected to grow to $140 billion by 2029, according to the analysts at Barclays. Additionally, according to UBS, the plant-based meat sector is expected to grow at 28% compound annual growth rate over the forecast period.

Currently, alternative meat only holds about 2% of the world’s retail packaged meat sales, but that number just suggests the potential for exponential growth and FAST!

With the way it has come on the scene and only continues to get stronger, what I see is the investment opportunity of a lifetime.

We’ve seen companies like Beyond Meat come out of nowhere.

They struck deals with McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and Starbucks, and more are expected in the pipeline.

The stock IPO’d and traded at $25 per share. In 3 months, it had 856% growth.

While shares retraced, Beyond Meat laid the foundation for other companies to enter the market and has proven that this type of company isn’t just here to stay…

It’s here to shake up the entire industry and every possible sign in the universe is pointing to one of the greatest investment opportunities of our lifetime.

Because the company I’m talking about is much more advanced than Beyond Meat. It’s potential cannot be compared to anything else out there.

It’s the type of company I firmly believe any person could retire on.

Not Your Ordinary “Food Company”

It’s a plant-based technology company with a team of scientists devoted to making healthy alternatives that benefit people and the environment. A one-two punch in this day in age.

Through their proprietary gene-editing technology, the company aims to solve some of the biggest health concerns.

Simply put, they are set up to disrupt the entire industry, and like I’ve pointed out, this disruption is what consumers WANT to happen.

It will be welcomed with opened arms, applause, and likely an influx of buyers ready to grab their share.

And for investors, it gets better.

They’ve already launched a successful product. 5 variations are set to hit the market this year.

Along with that, they are developing 10 innovative products to the industry, and expect to generate 25 stage advances in their development pipeline over the next 2 years.

But wait… it keeps getting better!

From a supply chain perspective, they’ve already partnered up with companies to be able to scale and address a sharp increase in demand.

The company also has a substantial amount of cash, little debt, and as its products become more mainstream, that’s when the real growth comes.

See, this company is still small in the grand scheme of things, but everything that they’ve done and continue to do is laying the foundation for what I believe may be one of the most explosive investments I’ve ever made.

A couple more layers really seal the deal.

The company has a low float. In other words, there isn’t an insane amount of shares available like we would see from a fortune 500 company.

So, when positive news hits, which I think is likely, I think that will be the first trigger to this stock skyrocketing as investors try to pile in and grab their piece.

It’s a company that I want to be in early on and I see little downside risk at where they are now.

And given the current state of the market, the magnitude of this alternative meat food revolution is amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which brings me back to my first point, and the 3rd factor of this TRIPLE THREAT.

First, we have a shift in consumer behavior, as people wanted more information about what they were putting in their bodies.

Second, we have a growing demand for sustainability and environmentally-friendly products.

And third, a global pandemic to drive it all home and light this industry on fire.

Meat really can’t catch a break.

It’s come under more scrutiny as the wet markets in China failed to be regulated, caused illness and outbreak, and destroyed the global economy.

Sure, wet markets aren’t something anyone in the US has probably come into contact with, but that’s not the point.

The point is that the world has a growing concern of how meat is produced.

It then has a growing concern of meat production as a whole from its carbon footprint to its negative impacts on land and freshwater resources.

And lastly, it gets under more pressure as people across the world learn about how other countries are so deregulated when it comes to the farming and selling of that meat.

Altogether, it’s the ONE industry that is likely to be shaken up the most, and I’m going to be there to capitalize on it!

All thanks to ONE company that was already setup to disrupt the industry during a time when disruption is exactly what people are looking for.

It’s the golden goose…Maybe more fitting if I say the golden eggplant.

So right now, I want to give you that company.

I want you to be a part of what I believe is the greatest investment of my lifetime.

But, I want more than that for you, because your portfolio needs diversification.

That’s why I’ve introduced my Portfolio Creator.

This One Company Is A Key Investment In My Own Family’s Portfolio

This is the foundation to see how I invest my family’s money in order to provide for them for generations and generations to come.

This is what I use to build real wealth. Companies that are undervalued, have unlimited upside, and need little maintenance.

Luckily for you, this particular moment is even more advantageous for investors as we’ve seen stocks plummet over the recent months, giving us the best value pricing in nearly a decade.

You’re talking about a market that got crushed due to a global pandemic and as it begins to subside, you know where all the big money is going?

You guessed it!

Right back into these powerhouse companies!

But fat cats aren’t the only ones that can take advantage of it.

You can grab your share, just like I plan to do.

This is the most exciting time in our lives to be an investor. Don’t take advantage of it, and you’ll be kicking yourself 5 years down the road.

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